Pustakalayam – Destination for Every Book

Due to COVID-19 outbreak when first lockdown was imposed in the country, it stopped movement of almost everything. People were stuck in their home, businesses were temporarily closed and economic growth started declining. Though, some people found it as a golden chance to revive the relationship they lost with their family due to fast-paced life but others were really disappointed with everything stuck. The students and the aspirants preparing for competitive exams were highly disappointed when companies like Amazon and Flipkart stopped delivering books during the lockdown. Being a bibliophile, I could understand their pain and decided to help them. My house (in Patna) which is surrounded by stationaries and bookshops, gave me an idea of delivering the books and notebooks to those needy students and aspirants.

I created an Instagram account with the name Pustakalayam and shared it with my friends who then shared it with their friends. On the same day of creating the account, I got 16 orders to deliver which I successfully delivered within 24 hours of receiving. Doing which not only helped me to get into entrepreneurship but also brought a lot of appreciation from everybody including my friends, family and definitely those students and aspirants.

Pustakalayam – a company which originated in the lockdown, now delivers books of all genre in three different cities (including Patna) and aims to create a school to provide skill based education to the poor at affordable rates. I know with such overwhelming response and continuous support of people, we will definitely turn all our dreams into reality.

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