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MarketryPro is a fusion of digital marketing, creativity and strategy. We are a brand that empowers business owners to create value and thrive in the digital world. The unbridled pursuit of better and effectiveness is what led to the creation of MarketryPro, where the use of targeted marketing strategies has helped businesses break free from the never-ending sales/profit cycle.

MarketryPro is a company based in Vancouver, Canada. We specialise in digital marketing services targeting the small and medium size enterprises. We’re always focused on one thing: driving market outcomes for brands. This means getting deep admiration and detailed awareness of the platforms in which consumers invest their time in building up new strategy, purchasing and analytical disciplines that motivate consumers to act. We help companies meet their goals and succeed in their industry.

Why and how did you start your company?

Aashi Gupta started MarketryPro during the unprecedented times of COVID-19. The reason I started it, was because I witnessed a lot of small and medium sized enterprises struggling financially because the economy had completely stopped and shops were under a lockdown. Being the daughter of a single mother, who has worked her entire life to provide for the family, I just wanted to learn to be stronger and start my own company. I wanted to help companies like hers and work towards establishing my own business by helping others.

What makes your business, service or product special? How does it impact people’s lives?

We strive to collaboratively revolutionize value-added outside the box thinking and offer performance-based information to drive any business forward. Helping customers is our only motto, we envision to help as many companies along with ourselves!

What have been your biggest success factors?

Getting clients from different sectors of the business world! Helping people throughout different age groups. I believe the best moment was when I helped a 70 year old launch her social media page. She was really happy and thrilled.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced launching and running the company?

I think it’s all about teamwork. I work on my own with a group of freelancers. Managing work life balance can be tough! It was very difficult to manage my school grades, start a company and work a part-time job. The biggest challenges I’ve faced are probably time management and work-life balance.

Which do you think is most important: the right product, the right market, or the right team?

The right product for the right target market, along with the right team would serve the business its best possible outcome. One is nothing without the other.

What are your future plans and aspirations for your company?

We’re on a quest to get rid of the buffoonery running wild in today’s agencies. Focussing more on customer satisfaction because each happy consumer makes the company stronger and grows the profit margins. In the future, we plan to serve more customers and expand our digital marketing services.

Advice for other entrepreneurs who are just started or want to start?

Just start. Start where you are, with what you know. There is no perfect timing to build a business and there is no secret ingredient. The only thing we can control is our smart work and our never giving up attitude. Perseverance is the key to business success.

Where can we find out more about your company?

To know more about us and our digital marketing services, please visit MarketryPro.

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