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The ADR Group (TAG) brings together a blend of highly trained panelists with industry-specific experience and cutting-edge infrastructure to resolve family and commercial disputes. It offers legal proceeding services such as mediation, arbitration, and conciliation to its clients for dispute resolution.

TAG’s panel includes some of the most prominent names in Indian dispute resolution. The panelists include senior lawyers, retired judges and other professionals with relevant subject-matter competence. These neutrals have proven track records and dispute resolution training to provide our clients with customised dispute resolution services. Our neutrals have handled matters ranging from two-party personal injury mediations to complicated multi-party, multi-million arbitrations and mediations in India.

Why and how did you start your company?

Prachi Mehta founded TAG to pursue her passion for Alternative Dispute Resolution and to provide clients with a more simple and direct path to justice. She began her career as a lawyer in New York more than 15 years ago and quickly advanced to become a dispute resolution specialist. She is a certified mediator in both India and the United States, and she has successfully mediated several cases in both jurisdictions. She went on to study law at the University of Delhi and New York University after graduating from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. She is a mediator accredited by the Supreme Court of India’s Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee. She is also a Harvard Law School-certified mediator of complex disputes.

Prachi Mehta, Founder – The ADR Group (TAG)

In addition, she has worked as a Visiting Researcher at Stanford Law School to research and develop mechanisms for Indian industries and businesses to effectively use mediation for dispute resolution. She was named a Weinstein JAMS Fellow in recognition of her dedication to Alternative Dispute Resolution and the constructive resolution of conflict on a global scale.

What makes TAG special?

Our aim is to help our clients reach a fair resolution to their dispute(s) while ensuring that they can continue to maintain their commercial and/or family relationships seamlessly. TAG ensures that each client can work with a neutral who has industry-specific experience to handle their specific matter. Furthermore, our neutrals ensure that the dispute resolution process is tailored to each individual case in order to provide client comfort and satisfaction.

What have been your biggest success factors?

Our neutrals boast of having handled over 5,000 disputes through mediation and other alternate dispute resolution mechanisms. This has been made possible with the extensive research we have put into our systems with the help of trainings at Harvard Law and our research at Stanford Law School in the areas of resolving complex disputes and providing better mechanisms for Indian industries/ corporates to resolve their disputes.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced launching and running the company?

Our biggest challenge has been raising awareness about mediation and its benefits in India.

Which do you think is most important: the right product, the right market, or the right team?

I strongly believe that its the combination of the three, the right product, the right market and the right team, that brings together a success story.

What are your future plans and aspirations for your company?

We hope to raise enough awareness about Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms in the country that if anyone has a dispute, their first thought is not to sue, but to mediate to reach a mutually acceptable settlement.

Advice for other entrepreneurs who are just started or want to start?

Before you launch, educate yourself on the needs of your market. This is the single most important factor that determines success in my opinion. No matter how fabulous your product/service is, if the market is not ready, it will not accept it.

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