Lakshay Singhal IAS – All India Rank 38, 2019

I began studying for the Civil Service Examination in 2016 and attempted it for the first time the following year, but I failed. It was in my second attempt in 2018 that I achieved All India Rank (AIR) 38.

There is nothing special about my childhood. It was the same as every other child has. The only thing which perhaps differentiates my schooling and thereafter the college life is my Mother. Yes, you read that right. I must say that she is still a strict disciplinarian. The one who took my academics and behavior at school very seriously. My mother is still a teacher to me and I learn from her every day. Someone truly said,

Mother is the first and foremost teacher of a child.

My schooling is from Vivekanand Public School, Delhi and I obtained my Mechanical Engineering Degree from Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University. The idea of becoming an IAS Officer struck me while I was doing my Engineering.

I didn’t have any IAS officers in my family or friends, so it was all an unknown yet an exciting journey for me. My failure in the first attempt had left me demotivated and shattered. My major focus was on correcting the flaws I made in my previous attempt. Further, I used to avoid each and everything that gave me negative vibes. Rather, I used to communicate with one or two close friends who always stood behind my back in any circumstances and believed in me.

I still vividly remember the moment when I called one of my friends in the middle of the night just to share the joy of scoring AIR 38; she was in tears.

To be successful in any place, right guidance is the key! Seek guidance from a trustworthy source at all times. Working hard with all of your energy and effort will lead you to where you desire to be. Focus and determination are equally important.

Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached.

Swami Vivekananda

My greatest success factors were self-belief, support from family and friends, and perseverance. My studies were never an issue for me. Infact, I relished every moment of my preparation time.

While serving the country, I expect to do good for the people and be a people’s officer. I want to make the life of a common man more easier by making him aware of his rights and also making him realize the support system which the Government provides.

Further, I would like to work in ensuring the last mile delivery of the schemes and programmes run by the Government of India. Also, I would love to be an accessible officer to shed the myth that prevails in the lower strata of the society that officers are not accessible. This service is all about dynamic situations and I would like to imbibe dynamism in my nature to resolve the issues with due diligence.

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